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Sun-Power Solar Flashlights provides a reliable an alternative power source with LED technology:

It is solar powered and effective to use for household and outdoor use, especially for motor vehicles and suitable for hunters, hikers and campers. It applies to military, security and emergency situations. Sun-Power Solar Flashlight is a good tool for all, a great all year round gift idea, a great gift especially for the people that have it all.

It is rechargeable using the following alternative sources:

- A/C wall plug,

- USB to computer

- 12V Male cigarette charger adaptor,

- Most importantly charge using the solar panel.

It has a long lift lithium battery which is the latest and best technology, capable of multiple, numerous uses:

Multiple use design components such as:

A) A high beam bright main light

B) A center beam bright night light

C) A red beam center emergency light

D) A strong and convenient magnetic base at the bottom of the flashlight, which allows you to be prepared for any emergencies, example: the flashing red light on the back of your vehicle for night emergencies and the magnetic base also gives you the ability for the option of hands-free.

Multiple uses charging design:

A) Charging flashlight battery under bright sunlight for about 25 hours will fully charge the unit.

B) Charging flashlight battery by micro USB (marked as “IN”): the

panel is in red when flashlight battery is charging. The panel is green

When flashlight battery is fully charged.

C) Charging cell phone by USB (marked as “OUT”): push the ON/OFF

button. The panel is in blue when charging the cell phone. Please check

the cell phone to see if it is fully charged. If the flashlight battery is out

of power, the blue light will go out.

Features and maximum working time on a full charge:

A) LED bright 3-4 hours

B) LED white night light 12 hours

C) LED red service light 30 hours

D) LED service life of up to 100,000 hours

E) LED bright100 lumens

F) It is compact and portable with a pleasing appearance.


Do not look directly into the LED light.

Do not attempt to open the lantern.

Do not run out of flashlight battery power. Charge the battery when the LED light starts to get weak.

Charging and discharging of the flashlight battery every 3 months should be done if flashlight is not used for a long time.

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Sun-Power Solar Flashlight

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